Наш адрес в Евпатории:
Крым, Евпатория,
ул. Ленина 56А, пом. 7
+7 (978) 572-777-2
Наш адрес в Севастополе:
Крым, Севастополь,
ул. Очаковцев, 26
+7 (978) 572-777-3
Наши соцсети:
Крым, Евпатория,
ул. Ленина 56А, пом. 7

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Ella Kobka

I live in Denver, Colorado. While visiting my home town Evpatoriya, I came across clinic "SKIF", to get my varicose veins under control. Dr. Aleksei Nadvikov is incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough. The quality of service is very professional and exceeded all of my needs. Doctor made sure I understood everything before the procedure. My surgery went well, without any complications. He is truly one of the best.

Big thank you to Koltisheva Elena for her care and Dr. Nadvikov for his work. Thank you!

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